How Many Marijuana Plants Can I Legally Have at Home?

Today we are going to discuss this intense topic. To this day, this is undoubtedly one of the questions that everyone asks when they decide to grow Marijuana for the first time at home or somewhere on their property.

And for that reason, we have decided to answer those questions that so often cross our minds and that sometimes make us back down when considering growing at home.

In the first place, we must be clear that growing marijuana is not legal, unless we demonstrate that the cultivation we have is for our own consumption, so in that case, it will not be considered a crime and will be free of any guilt.

In other words, we must grow only what we are going to smoke per year, no more and no less.

To better understand all this, we are going to deal with different aspects of this topic, which we must know before growing indoors :

How many plants can I legally have at home?

Currently, no law states how many plants we should have at home, although many ventures to write an approximate number in forums, we should not pay attention to them, since it is not true!

The advisable thing to know an approximate number of plants is that each one calculates the amount that is smoked per year and later, from that quantity we will take into account the quality, size and quantity of plants.

To be calmer, different Courts have allowed the consumption of hashish of more than 10 grams a day, and can even reach 20, which means a consumption per year of approximately 2,200 grams.

Also, the authorities, before sanctioning, look at whether the plants are harvested in their entirety or only a little, verifying in this second case that it is for self-consumption.

Location of our cultivation:

We must respect since it is written in the laws that we cannot grow cannabis plants anywhere that is publicly accessible, so the places where we grow must be private properties and away from the sight of the curious. And here is one more option to get cannabis, marijuana products that you buy from any cannabis online store or nearby cannabis store in your local area.

In addition, even if we have them at home, we must avoid placing them on terraces, windows, balconies or outdoor areas, since any pedestrian or neighbour can see it.

If we are unlucky enough for someone to see it and report it, we could pay fines ranging from 601 to 30,000 euros, therefore, better to be safe than sorry.

How does the Gag Law affect us?

And with the publication of the Ley Mordaza the thing is even more hardened because if the judge absolves you, the case will go directly to the administration which will open a file and put a fine if the plants were in a place insight of others.

For all this, numerous associations of cannabis consumers and growers ask for a law that is clear to regulate the situation of marijuana use, either for recreational use or to help improve the health of people with diseases.

But, while this is happening, it is better that our crops are not open to the curious and plant only those plants that we are going to consume, in order to avoid problems.


From the first moment, if you are a consumer, it is important to say it from the beginning, since the statements made will be taken into account and in the event that there is any doubt, the judges can request an analysis of either blood or urine to verify it.

Just as important, if they consider it relevant and want to verify the existence or non-existence of traffic, it is to see the way of life that the grower has, that is:

  • If you have a job and generate income legally
  • Your standard of living, that is, if you live above what you can afford on your income, to see if you get extra money from selling marijuana.

We can never forget that in order for them to enter our property it is necessary that they bring a court order otherwise they will not be able to do so.

In addition, they will only ask for that order if they see that there is too much movement in that place, like many people entering and leaving, putting boxes in or taking out boxes ... therefore, it is convenient to be careful.

What if I am a member of a cannabis association?

Also, the fact of being a member of a cannabis association has made it possible to verify that it is not a criminal act, since the name of the person who belongs to the association is in a public registry and logically said person is not going to traffic with her.

There are also people who have alleged a surplus of more than 500 grams per year due to the fact of belonging to the association and say that they have shared it with its members, for which they have gotten away with impunity.

Legal hole in which to take refuge if they report us for having plants

The only "legal hole" we can get into is that in this case is that they do not find any evidence that indicates that we are selling with these plants, such as the existence of:

  • Bathroom scales
  • Money that we cannot justify in any way
  • Excessive amount
  • Lists

If none of this is found, the judge will not be able to say that it is trafficking, so we will be acquitted when the oral hearing is held or in that case in the trial.

For all this and as a final point to this post, say that we have to forget the myth that nothing happens to have a couple of plants at home, since if the agents find out they will take them away from us, even just 1, but if We allege everything that has been said before, they will not be able to blame us for anything, that we are going to be left without our precious treasure.